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Freaky Fabulous Monster High Birthday Party

Well Hello Blog! It’s been a reaaaally long time. In fact it’s been so long, I couldn’t even remember how to log in to write a new blog post. I’ve been in a home remodel process for the last year and I’m ALMOST done. So naturally I was itching to do some creative work. I recently started working with Inviting Occasion as a stylist for just a few of her events. One of these just happened to need a photographer, so here I am again to share some awesome pictures. This lucky six year old got to have a freaky fabulous Monster High themed party! Inviting Occasion brought in the glam with pink sequin tablecloths, a customized dance floor, and an amazing Monster High entrance built just for the occasion.

Once guests entered the gates of Monster High, they picked up their “Student ID” (created by Etsy shop House of Creative Designs) and then were able to roam around and check out a spooky fun lounge area, take pictures at a green screen photo booth, get an airbrush tattoo, or make a request from the balloon artist. The main attraction was the dance floor, where Clawdeen Wolf and Draculaura (of Party Princess Productions) led the guests in a dance party, limbo, and pin the tail on “Crescent”, Clawdeen’s cat. Guests dined from a slider bar, grilled cheese bar, french fry bar, milkshake bar, and fresh fried mini donuts. Each bar offered a plethora of sauces, dips, flavors, and toppings to try.

The party went on into the night as guests sang Happy Birthday to Sydney and nibbled on an amazing dessert spread, featuring a cake from Sweet and Saucy Bake Shop. Click on the gallery below at the very end to see more!
Monster High Party_Halloween_Glam_Pink_Jackie Culmer Photography-10SydneyMonster High Party_Halloween_Glam_Pink_Jackie Culmer Photography-87
SydneySydneySydneySydneySydneySydneySydneyMonster High Party_Halloween_Glam_Pink_Jackie Culmer Photography-96SydneySydney
SydneySydneySydneySydneySydneySydneySydneySydneySydneyMonster High Party_Halloween_Glam_Pink_Jackie Culmer Photography-22Monster High Party_Halloween_Glam_Pink_Jackie Culmer Photography-88SydneySydney
Monster High Party_Halloween_Glam_Pink_Jackie Culmer Photography-103Monster High Party_Halloween_Glam_Pink_Jackie Culmer Photography-90Monster High Party_Halloween_Glam_Pink_Jackie Culmer Photography-98Monster High Party_Halloween_Glam_Pink_Jackie Culmer Photography-99Monster High Party_Halloween_Glam_Pink_Jackie Culmer Photography-100SydneySydney
Monster High Party_Halloween_Glam_Pink_Jackie Culmer Photography-108Monster High Party_Halloween_Glam_Pink_Jackie Culmer Photography-111

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National Donut Day!

In honor of National Donut Day, I give you the most gorgeous donut display ever. I shot this styled donut dessert table for Larrissa Rehder of Inviting Occasion and 24 Carrots a few years ago, and it’s still more beautiful than any donut spread I’ve ever seen. Larrissa was aiming for a “Parisian Circus” meets “World’s Fair” vintage vibe and asked me to create some table signs and tags for the table. It was so much fun to see Larrissa work her magic, and an honor as always to create paper goods for her.

Ceremony Magazine-Inviting Occasion-24 Carrots-Donut-Dessert-National-Donut-Day-weddings-dessert-tables-party-styling-inspiration-Jackie-Culmer-Photography-1Ceremony Magazine-Inviting Occasion-24 Carrots-Donut-Dessert-National-Donut-Day-weddings-dessert-tables-party-styling-inspiration-Jackie-Culmer-Photography-2Ceremony Magazine-Inviting Occasion-24 Carrots-Donut-Dessert-National-Donut-Day-weddings-dessert-tables-party-styling-inspiration-Jackie-Culmer-Photography-3Ceremony Magazine-Inviting Occasion-24 Carrots-Donut-Dessert-National-Donut-Day-weddings-dessert-tables-party-styling-inspiration-Jackie-Culmer-Photography-4Ceremony Magazine-Inviting Occasion-24 Carrots-Donut-Dessert-National-Donut-Day-weddings-dessert-tables-party-styling-inspiration-Jackie-Culmer-Photography-5Ceremony Magazine-Inviting Occasion-24 Carrots-Donut-Dessert-National-Donut-Day-weddings-dessert-tables-party-styling-inspiration-Jackie-Culmer-Photography-6Ceremony Magazine-Inviting Occasion-24 Carrots-Donut-Dessert-National-Donut-Day-weddings-dessert-tables-party-styling-inspiration-Jackie-Culmer-Photography-7Ceremony Magazine-Inviting Occasion-24 Carrots-Donut-Dessert-National-Donut-Day-weddings-dessert-tables-party-styling-inspiration-Jackie-Culmer-Photography-8Ceremony Magazine-Inviting Occasion-24 Carrots-Donut-Dessert-National-Donut-Day-weddings-dessert-tables-party-styling-inspiration-Jackie-Culmer-Photography-9Ceremony Magazine-Inviting Occasion-24 Carrots-Donut-Dessert-National-Donut-Day-weddings-dessert-tables-party-styling-inspiration-Jackie-Culmer-Photography-10Ceremony Magazine-Inviting Occasion-24 Carrots-Donut-Dessert-National-Donut-Day-weddings-dessert-tables-party-styling-inspiration-Jackie-Culmer-Photography-11Ceremony Magazine-Inviting Occasion-24 Carrots-Donut-Dessert-National-Donut-Day-weddings-dessert-tables-party-styling-inspiration-Jackie-Culmer-Photography-12Ceremony Magazine-Inviting Occasion-24 Carrots-Donut-Dessert-National-Donut-Day-weddings-dessert-tables-party-styling-inspiration-Jackie-Culmer-Photography-13Ceremony Magazine-Inviting Occasion-24 Carrots-Donut-Dessert-National-Donut-Day-weddings-dessert-tables-party-styling-inspiration-Jackie-Culmer-Photography-14

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Beach Bump. Maternity Photography Inspiration

My little sister is due in less than ten days! I finally got my butt in gear and finished her maternity pictures. I’m so happy she made it all the way here from Alabama so that I could see her bump. We went down to Little Corona at golden hour and got lucky with some beautiful light and gorgeous sunset. Jess even brought the cutest L-Space bikini and rocked it in the waves! I’m glad she was confident enough to do it, because she looks gorgeous as a mama-to-be. Congrats to you, Jess and John! Can’t wait to meet little BIGgie.

These maternity photos are beautiful. Such pretty light. I wish I lived by the ocean.

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Change is good

Hello readers, clients, and friends! I have an announcement to make…

I will not be taking on any new clients for an indefinite period of time and bookings will be on a VERY limited basis for some existing clients. Essentially, I’m putting my photography business on hold while I focus on the family.  Thank you so much for all of your support and following. For now, please keep coming back to the blog, or follow me on Instagram @jackieculmer. I hope to make this blog more of a creative outlet for myself as I turn the camera back on my own family. You’ll still see some shoots on my blog from time to time, past shoots I was never able to get around to sharing for inspiration, as well as, more lifestyle posts and my personal momlife in general. And hopefully it’ll be more than once a quarter now that I’ll have a bit more time on my hands!

Much Love,


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