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Travel epidemic prevention is not a mistake!

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At present, a new round of information technology evolution represented by big data, cloud computing and artificial intelligence is in full swing, and the construction of "smart airport" has become a major topic of high-quality development of civil aviation in the new era. Especially in the context of normal epidemic prevention and control, how to improve civil aviation safety management and service level through technological innovation has become the focus of the airport.Paperless, all-self-service, perception-free and content-free, enabling passengers to check in, check in and board more easily, simplifying the process and improving efficiency on the premise of ensuring safety, has become the "standard configuration" of smart airport. Combining with the field application situation of civil aviation, eyes biological recognition technology based on more than 20 years of industry accumulation and acute insight of the industry spot, to tailor a set based on civil aviation field "multimodal + platform" OneID solutions, will face, fingerprint, iris, refers to the vein and other modal biological characteristics to realize integration, create the multimodal biometric platform, Introduced related to civil aviation travel, wisdom airport inner tube and multimodal intelligent terminal product, technology and product application and multimodal fusion at check-in, security, security, frontier defense, hospitality, navigation, repast, consumption, and many other passenger air travel link, accurately confirm the passenger identity, will be safe and convenient to two or morethings and unified.

Airport security check is an important link to ensure civil aviation safety and passenger travel. After the outbreak of the epidemic, in order to ensure the health and safety of passengers, temperature measurement has become an essential part of the work of airports. Eye Science and Technology has innovated a smart epidemic prevention channel system with no contact, health risk, sensitivity and speed. On the one hand, it can help the airport to realize the identification of personnel and intelligent management of entry and exit, and help build a smart airport. On the other hand, the temperature measurement function of the smart epidemic prevention channel system can screen people entering and leaving the airport, providing "core" support for epidemic prevention and control.Dongying Airport in Shandong province has officially started operation with a smart epidemic prevention channel system based on eye science and technology. The system integrates temperature measurement, personal identification verification, public security special personnel inspection, health code inspection and other features. Placed in front of the gate in and out of the airport, terminal personnel identification (id card, passport, Hong Kong and Macao passport, etc.), by face recognition precision of identified at the same time, can be on the forehead, facial temperature synchronous detection, realize high efficient screening of abnormal temperature, at the same time, the public security related business system and the WeiJianWei docking system, realize the double check of identity information and health status, Greatly improve the temperature measurement efficiency and traffic speed, efficient and convenient.

The application of the eye Science and technology smart epidemic prevention channel system has brought safe protection for passengers, and is also an important embodiment of the airport's pursuit of "smart airport" construction, management innovation and efficient operation in epidemic prevention and control work. This innovative wisdom and epidemic prevention channel system will biometrics + + temperature measurement technology health code automatic identification applications in passenger air travel link, the accuracy of solution for the prevention and control of epidemic in the identity authentication problem, at the same time, the civil aviation business, through public security monitoring business, the electronic government affairs, implement integration of innovative, broke the data island, Unlock the tedious caused by multiple identification, which can not only reduce the cost of manual verification and human resources consumption, optimize airport management, improve airport operation efficiency, but also ensure passenger identity security, improve passenger experience comfort, and achieve safe, convenient, fast and intelligent travel. 【返回列表】

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