• Smart Finance

    Covers all aspects of banks' internal risk control, authorization management, smart network and network finance, helping bank customers prevent risks, reduce costs and increase efficiency, serving nearly 150 banking institutions, with the customer coverage rate reaching 80%
  • Smart Education

    Involving dormitory access control, classroom management, library management, examination identity verification, consumption payment, campus security and other scenarios.
  • Smart Community

    Intelligent community solutions can be widely used in access control, visitor management, certification and other links, perfectly helping the construction of smart community, smart buildings
  • Smart Security

    Connects with various business systems of the public security industry, and has an intelligent recognition comprehensive platform integrating monitoring, collection, comparison, warning and analysis.
  • Smart Others

    Widely applied in government affairs, social security, taxation and other industries, making smart government affairs and other scenarios a reality
  • Smart Finance
  • Smart Education
  • Smart Community
  • Smart Security
  • Smart Others
Travel epidemic prevention is not a mista...

11-20 | 2021

At present, a new round of information technology evolution represent...
15 2021-11
Speak globally! Initiative for The Development of Trusted Artificial Intelligence
30 2021-09
EYECOOL was selected into the first batch of national specialized special new
28 2021-08
EYECOOL is selected into the artificial intelligence innovation and development exploration and practice case set!
29 2019-01
Centralized certification of social insurance benefits has been abolished, and eyesight technology provides AI enabling to promote industrial upgrading.
  • 2002

    started developing facial recognition algorithms
  • 2003

    Fingerprinting technology is beginning to be applied to banks
  • 2005

    Large-scale application of fingerprint identification at head office level
  • 2006

    Start developing data security products
  • 2007

    Iris recognition algorithm developed successfully
  • 2009

    Second place in the International Iris Algorithm Open (NICE:II)
  • 2012

    Put forward the concept of face network verification
  • 2014

    The head office application of face recognition in financial industry was launched
  • 2015

    Bi-modal biometrics technology is applied to Bank
  • 2016

    Set up EYECOOL
  • 2017

    Multimodal biometrics technology is applied to Minsheng Bank
  • 2018

    settled in xiongan New Area
  • 1998

    Start developing fingerprint recognition algorithms
  • 1997

    Techishino was founded

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