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Speak globally! Initiative for The Development of Trusted Artificial Intelligence

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Recently, the Trusted AI Forum of the world Artificial Intelligence Conference 2021 officially released the Initiative for the Development of Trusted ARTIFICIAL Intelligence to the world. The joint announcement includes more than 20 representative academic research institutions, enterprises and organizations in the information and communication industry, artificial intelligence industry, Internet industry and other industries, as well as well-known universities in China, including: Look in the eyes of science and technology, huawei, ants, jingdong, China mail tunnels hospital, Chinese Academy of Sciences institute of automation of the ethics and governance of artificial intelligence research center, Shanghai industry association of artificial intelligence, the brics future network China branch institute, tsinghua university, fudan university, Shanghai jiaotong university, zhejiang university, wuhan university, etc.Initiative is more than more than 20 units based on the current status of the rapid development of modern artificial intelligence technology, the artificial intelligence with risks and challenges, and trusted AI depth thinking of compliance, aimed at advocating political consensus from all walks of life to speed up the formation of the international coordination of production, study and governance, to promote social attention and understanding of credible AI, fully mining industry and the social value of artificial intelligence.

At present, AI technology is accelerating its evolution, empowering thousands of industries and profoundly changing production, life and ecology. The associated AI governance issues, such as data privacy, algorithm bias and security risks, have attracted global attention. It has become a global consensus to develop credible AI and promote artificial intelligence to be transparent, safe and controllable, diversified and inclusive. It is also the only way for the healthy development of ARTIFICIAL intelligence in the future.During the forum, many academicians, trusted AI experts and scholars, government and industry associations, and representatives of AI enterprises discussed this important issue concerning the long-term development of ARTIFICIAL intelligence. Shuqi Wang, chief strategy officer & General Manager of Market System of Vision Technology, mentioned in his keynote speech that trusted AI is the most basic requirement of the top level. Strong identity authentication/trusted digital identity authentication must be the starting point of trusted AI and also the cornerstone of digitalization.Starting from asimov's three laws of robots, Wang Shuqi elaborated the different appeals of strong artificial intelligence stage and weak artificial intelligence stage for credible AI.

She sees three stages in the development of ARTIFICIAL intelligence: "Know you", "know you" and "AI you". Only on the premise of accurate identification, combined with the continuous development of scenes, business, data and human-machine collaboration, can we achieve the stage of general artificial intelligence, so that artificial intelligence truly serves people. And multi-mode fusion, can achieve the best balance of security and experience, to achieve a trusted strong identity authentication.As for how to promote the development of trusted AI, Wang Shuqi pointed out that it needs the efforts of many parties, including the government supervision level needs to establish and improve relevant laws and regulations, formulate standards and norms, lead the right path; At the level of enterprise autonomy, enterprises must stick to the corporate responsibility and bottom line of AI, constantly polish and innovate technology, iterate and upgrade, and at the same time find the right scene and do a solid landing. At the same time, she also called on users to be more understanding and tolerant of new technologies and products, as new technologies need time and rational understanding in the process from laboratory to product and then to commercialization. 【返回列表】

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