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EYECOOL is selected into the artificial intelligence innovation and development exploration and practice case set!

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Recently, the Shanghai municipal economic and information commission, Shanghai AI industry association led by the guidance of "AI accelerators: Shanghai case set of artificial intelligence, innovation and development to explore and practice during the 2021 world conference on artificial intelligence official start, look in the eyes of science and technology as a representative of the artificial intelligence industry enterprises and typical cases are included, have benchmarking demonstration effect.The book is "much starker choices-and graver consequences-in" during the Shanghai industry development and artificial intelligence can assign city digital transformation, chose do business of artificial intelligence are outstanding representatives of enterprises, in the form of case, from be born, epidemic disease, the foundation innovation, the industry application scenario multiple aspects, such as artificial intelligence development in Shanghai. It is a "recommendation" for the development of artificial intelligence industry in the region, and also a "guide manual" for the commercial landing of artificial intelligence in enterprises.

In recent years, The development of artificial intelligence in China has entered the fast lane, with a comprehensive layout and continuous major technological breakthroughs. After years of development, Chinese enterprises have gradually matured their original technologies, landing scenarios and business forms. The integration of AI technology into various industries is accelerating, enabling digital transformation and leading China's acceleration towards a smart economy and society. "Case Collection" focuses on the technical innovation and commercial accumulation of Eye Technology in the field of artificial intelligence biometrics.Eye Technology belongs to the first batch of pioneers in China's biometrics industry, and has personally experienced and promoted the whole process of biometrics technology from laboratory stage, preliminary test, to chaos, and then to standardized large-scale application. In the process of development, eye technology has accumulated profound technical advantages and practical application experience. In fingerprint recognition, iris recognition, face recognition, finger vein recognition and other biological recognition technology on the basis of independent intellectual property rights, look in the eyes of science and technology first and became the first in the industry will be more accurate, more secure, more convenient multimodal biometric fusion technology application in financial field, with high safety, strong privacy and sole repository scenarios, A strong authentication solution that achieves the best balance of security and experience. At the same time, enabling schools, communities, governments, public security and other scenarios to achieve in-depth integration and innovative development of industrial cooperation, helping traditional industries to achieve leapfrog upgrading.With the release of market demand of digital transformation, on the one hand, artificial intelligence, cloud computing and other emerging technologies have become one of the key supporting technologies of a new generation of new infrastructure; On the other hand, artificial intelligence is more and more deeply integrated and penetrated into various industries, and the digital economy is accelerating towards an intelligent economy, putting forward new requirements on the "quality" and "quantity" of the digital underpinning technology supply. Obviously, "new infrastructure" and "digital era" are fully opened, and "online mode" is bound to become a trend. Strong identity authentication/trusted digital identity authentication must be the starting point of trusted AI, as well as the cornerstone of digitalization.

The case set to artificial intelligence related practitioners, attention is to understand and grasp the development of artificial intelligence in China and promote healthy development of the new generation of artificial intelligence to provide beneficial reference and eye technology were included, embodies the eyes modal biological science and technology more than the knowledge fusion technology innovation and the achievement of the effectiveness of the landing, and demonstration. It is believed that in the future, it will be more common to introduce more comprehensive and safer multi-mode biometric fusion technology to solve human-computer interaction and strong identity authentication problems in the artificial intelligence scene. Eye Technology will continue to give full play to its technical advantages and solid ground to provide efficient, safe and advanced strong identity authentication security management means. Do a good "catalyst" for the internal digital operation and management of various industries, and help the arrival of the digital era! 【返回列表】

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