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EYECOOL was selected into the first batch of national specialized special new

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Recently, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) announced the list of "Recommended state-level specialized and special New 'Little Giant' enterprises (the first batch of the first year)", and the scientific and technological strength was selected!Specialized and special new "Little Giant" enterprise is the leader of the "specialized and special new" small and medium-sized enterprises, is focused on market segmentation, innovation ability, high market share, grasp the key core technology, quality and efficiency of the vanguard enterprise, is the national small and medium-sized enterprise evaluation work of the highest level, the most authoritative honorary title. In 2020, Eye Technology was selected into the Beijing Special new "little Giant" enterprise list, and then recommended by Beijing, after layers of screening was finally selected into the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology special new "little giant" enterprise list.

In 2021, the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology jointly issued the Notice, focusing on supporting the high-quality development of more than 1,000 state-level specialized and special "Little Giant" enterprises to drive the development of the industry through demonstration. In order to achieve the purpose of selecting the best among the best and giving key support, the primary condition for being included in the selection scope of supporting units is to become a state-level specialized and special "little giant" enterprise. Enterprises are required to have continuous innovation ability and good economic benefits. For example, enterprises are required to master key core technologies, have valid invention patents, host or participate in the formulation of national/industry standards, and maintain the growth of main business income, which have certain demonstration and promotion value.The eye with the leading independent research and development of science and technology innovation ability, the steady business floor layout, and enhance the economic efficiency and the comprehensive influence of the industry, and through the national ranking and competition power, stand out from the numerous outstanding enterprises, in suggested that support national specialization, the "little giant" enterprises, became the first enterprise to win the first year. It fully reflects the authority of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology on eye technology, products and service capabilities and the high recognition of the achievements made by the high quality development of eye technology to the direction of specialization.At the same time, the state will allocate a total of more than 10 billion yuan in awards and subsidies to support the high-quality development of state-level specialized and innovative "little Giant" enterprises. The clarity of this policy will encourage Eye Technology to create better industrial value, economic value and social value in biometric technology innovation and enabling smart city construction.

Look long-term focus on AI field of science and technology, the deepening of over 20 years, and focused attention on the "multimodal fusion", on the development strategy of leading continuously adhere to innovation, has 400 + patents, host and participate in the 82 national/industry standard and revising, have efficient technology, product innovation ability, and in the ground of the scene in the height of the market, The bank covers more than 80% of customers and has served more than 700 million people worldwide with over 2,000 customers. With comprehensive strength, eye technology has successively won the second prize of national technological invention, the second prize of the "Beijing municipal science and technology prize", "Beijing science and technology research and development institutions", "new standard of zhongguancun national innovation demonstration zone pilot unit", "industrial information technology, China top 50 list of the most potential industry innovation" and other awards and special honor. 【返回列表】

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