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Examinee face recognition identity authentication solution

Identity verification and verification of candidates

Identity verification and verification of candidates
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The education department has been trying to solve the problem of confirming the identity of the examinee accurately and preventing the fraudulent behavior of proxy examination and proxy examination. At present, the examination room verification generally adopts the identification card such as ID card and admission ticket, and carries out manual comparison and verification in the examination room. This kind of verification relies on manual verification and comparison. Due to the inconsistent evaluation standards of each person, personalized conditions of leniency and strictness, and forged card, illegal acts such as proxy examination and proxy examination emerge in an endless succession.
Independent research and development of science and technology based on eyes ABIS multimodal biometric unified platform, will face recognition is introduced into the examinee identity authentication, through the field of face image and id chip according to or registered face database and so on face image comparison, rapid, accurate finish the examinee identity verification and validation, than to handle the interview through after admission exam or sign in.
Identification verification mode based on face Recognition: Biological recognition based on 20 years of industry accumulation and project experience, innovative face recognition to witness one of identity verification, which can realize the scene photos with networking nuclear check, household register, id chip library, a registered face library and other kinds of database retrieval and matching, precise and convenient to realize the user identity verification and validation; Financial level fourth generation face recognition algorithm, dynamic template fusion patented technology: The fourth generation face recognition algorithm (TesoFace V4.0) lasted 8 years of research and development, has applied for a number of patents, can effectively solve the photo, video and other security problems, the original dynamic template fusion patent technology, the algorithm has self-learning function, for light, age change, fat and thin have a good recognition processing scheme; Multi-modal biometrics unified platform, easy to expand: Based on the ABIS multi-modal biometrics unified platform independently developed by the company, it provides standard API interface, which can smoothly connect with the existing business system to realize end-to-end customer information verification, and can be extended to fingerprint recognition, iris recognition and other multi-modal biometrics technology; In the event of control, traceability: through the business scene real-time face recognition, effective verification of customer identity, face recognition platform with channel management, log query and other functions, can realize the record can be queried, responsibility can be traced.
Examinee face recognition identity authentication solution, through centralized data storage, distributed data collection, distributed examinee identity authentication and other functions, to provide efficient, safe, easy to use, audit examinee identity authentication scheme, put an end to proxy test, proxy test cheating incidents. Thus, guarantee the students as to the identity of the true reliability, solved perplex the examinee identity authentication work by the department of education technology, make all kinds of examinee authentication work to achieve the informatization, network and intelligent, improve the management level of the examinee identity authentication work and work efficiency, reduce the labor intensity of the staff, promote the education informatization construction.
It can be widely used in civil service examination, public institution examination, vocational qualification examination, national judicial examination, high school entrance examination/college entrance examination/postgraduate examination, adult college entrance examination, computer level examination, accounting/health examination and other personnel examination scenarios.

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