Smart Security

Access control, certification, etc.
Connects with various business systems of the public security industry, and has an intelligent recognition comprehensive platform integrating monitoring, collection, comparison, warning and analysis.

Military barracks intelligent construction solutions

Smart security camp

Smart security camp
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The intelligent construction and management of military barracks is an important content of logistics support and an important part of the regularization construction of our army. Use of the Internet of things, biometrics, advanced technical support means such as large data, the application of informatization construction of military system, implement the administrative, combat readiness, operations, consulting and so on a full range of business integration, security monitor to the camp, each confidential site access control, personnel management, identity is a new era of intelligent construction and transformation of the inevitable direction for the camp.
Based on eye technology ABIS multimodal biometric unified authentication platform and original face recognition, fingerprint recognition, iris recognition, refers to the vein recognition and multimodal fusion algorithm, combined with the eyes of science and technology more modal matrix product, a more scientific and effective complete user identity verification, ensure the effective control in the camps and convenient management, strengthen risk control, We will help build the military industry into an intelligent, safe and efficient one.
· Camp security control management Real-time high-definition surveillance cameras and electronic fences were deployed in the perimeter of the camp for docking and coordination, and the perimeter monitoring and face capture track dynamic analysis were conducted · Camp access control Face recognition identity verification, brush face access control and visitor management, temperature measurement, special places iris access control, iris authentication, to achieve authority management, operation process management, etc · Patrol point monitoring The video camera in the camp is used to monitor the patrol route and point location of officers and soldiers, so as to ensure their patrol, patrol to the point and real-time tracking · Smart office Face/fingerprint/iris recognition realizes internal personnel identity authentication, system login, operation process monitoring, and office area control to ensure internal system security · Wisdom Camp Comprehensive identity authentication, trajectory analysis and security control in important areas such as office building, weapons depot, warehouse, communication machine room, combat duty room, training ground, shooting range and officers and soldiers' quarters · Vehicle management License plate OCR recognition access control, garage vehicle monitoring, number statistics
The authentication experience is convenient and accurate, realizing identity authentication and access control and other functions.
The realization of identity information collection and authentication, accurate identification of user identity, can be widely used in image collection, identity security authentication and many other fields.

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