Smart Community

Access control, visitor management, certification, etc.
Intelligent community solutions can be widely used in access control, visitor management, certification and other links, perfectly helping the construction of intelligent community, intelligent building and so on.

311Community access management solutions

Identification and confirmation

Identification and confirmation of owner
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With the rapid development of social economy, the living environment of comfort and security has become a choice for people to live, however, the social environment and the security of the current state of the complex, the safety of the property management work put forward the serious challenge, village entrance card copy, residents carry CARDS and inconvenience, property management is facing two big problems, how to strengthen the management of the safety of the community, How to make residents' life more intelligent and convenient.
311 community access management program created by Eye Technology, 3 doors +1 control +1 platform to fully ensure the safety and convenience of the community. Through the deployment of face recognition face brush channel gate system, access control system and intelligent iris lock at the gate of residential area, building door and entrance door, automatic second recognition and identity confirmation of residents, overturning the tedious traditional way of access and swipe cards, keys and so on; Elevator control, the owner does not need to use the card or key, automatically corresponding to the owner floor; Through the monitoring cloud platform, automatic identification of foreign personnel, real-time detection and early warning of illegal intrusion, effectively put an end to the random access of strangers to the community.
Fast response speed: the response speed of face capture, feature extraction and recognition comparison from the scene is less than 1 second; Scalability: the platform supports face, fingerprint, iris and other multi-modal biometric recognition technology; Deep learning: the frequency of owners is high, and the adoption of biometric fusion technology and learning and training methods can effectively improve the pass rate of user feature recognition; Unified authentication and resource sharing: Unified user identity management and feature information resource sharing. High load and high concurrency: support load balancing and high concurrency (the speed of single thread comparison is more than 2000 pens/second); Massive data comparison: Adopting SOA-oriented service architecture, with the way of horizontal expansion to ensure massive data comparison business, can manage more than 100,000 personnel data; Extended authentication and system integration: the platform is combined with relevant authentication systems to achieve a variety of extended authentication modes; Flexible access permission assignment, supporting multiple complex permission assignment methods, applicable to various scenarios of service rights.
On the one hand, for property management enterprises, AI fusion property work scene, promote realty service model transformation, the community, housing, household, automobile, etc are included in scientific data management mode, optimize the management, improve service efficiency, power efficient operations, improve property brand influence, real authors efficiency; On the other hand, for community residents, AI integrates the life scene of property, facilitating access, safe living, participating in interaction, obtaining high-quality community management services, and improving user satisfaction.
Supports any scenario such as parks, buildings, units, floors, and rooms.

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